Welcome to Scientific Manuscripts

Scientists have an important role to play in society. We explore new frontiers in life and use our findings further humanity. In order to do this well, we must be able to communicate our research to people clearly and efficiently. It makes sense then, that we should dedicate significant amounts of time learning how to do this aspect of our work well, but unfortunately this is often not the case. While we spend years of our lives to learning how to do research, only a fraction of this time is spent learning how to communicate it. In the current research environment, where available funding is often contestable and where scientists compete amongst one another for their livelihoods, this writing process is also often fraught with emotion and stress. It seems prudent then that we should make this process as simple and as efficient as possible. At Scientific Manuscripts, our primary goal is to do just this.We provide writing assistance for the preparation of scientific publications, presentations and funding applications. Our specialised writing system is highly structured, auditable and efficient, with each stage of the writing process clearly defined. This system permits independent writers to work in close collaboration with the contributing authors to rapidly produce high quality documents.

Our services can be tailored to suit an individual’s or an organisation’s needs as required and include:

  • Consultation and structural advice
  • Writing tutoring
  • Editorial servicesSarah Stirling July 2012
  • Scientific writing
  • Coordination of written contributions from multiple authors
  • Incorporating reviewer’s comments for publications
  • Literature searches and bibliographic database preparation
  • Publication retrieval from electronic sources

“Efficient writing is systematic, can be easily taught, and offers long-term benefits with regard to the rapid production of written outputs. Contact us to take your first step towards written excellence today!”

Dr Sarah Hunger – Scientific Manuscripts Company Director